| 11/16/2018
The activities of the commemoration of the 45th anniversary of BOAD started this Wednesday, November 14, 2018 in Lomé with a forum on the theme: solar energy in the WAEMU economies, inventory, issues and policies. During the launching ceremony of this forum, Minister Romuald WADAGNI...
, | 10/25/2018
In execution of the mission entrusted to us by decree N ° 2016-209 of 04 April 2016, we present to you our report on the draft financial statements for the Beninese Port Handling Company (SOBEMAP), for the fiscal year ended on December 31, 2017.
, | 10/18/2018
The Ministry of the Economy and Finance provides you with the citizen version of the Draft Finance Law, Management 2019. It should be noted that the Government has several priorities for next year in order to continue to improve the living conditions of Beninese people.
, | 10/17/2018
Recruitment of an individual consultant to develop an evidence-based policy formulation guide for the West African Health Organization.  
, | 10/15/2018
Periodic reports on the progress of the Public Investment Program (PIP) represent the basis for assessing the achievement levels of development projects and programs in Benin. They help to take appropriate decisions, to provide appropriate solutions to the shortcomings observed, to anticipate and engage citizens...
, | 10/10/2018
Benin has just been selected among five countries in the world to benefit from an initiative of the International Monetary Fund to help them achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Xinhua learned Thursday from an official source in Cotonou. Benin, Rwanda, Indonesia, Guatemala and Vietnam...
, | 10/07/2018
A maracana tournament jointly initiated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Côte d'Ivoire and that of Benin to "break down the barriers" between the different departments of the two entities, was played on Friday at the multipurpose room of the Palais des sports...
, | 09/25/2018
Pursuant to the mission entrusted to us by decree No. 2016-209 of April 4, 2016, we have audited the financial statements of the Société de Gestion des Marchés Autonome.
, | 09/22/2018
The Person Responsible for Public Procurement of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance, provides you with the public notice for public procurement application relating to the recruitment of a consultant to assist in the implementation of the activities of the unit. support to the...
, | 09/03/2018
The ECOWAS Commission is recruiting consultants in the following areas: one (01) Specialist in Public Finances in charge of the harmonization of the legal framework of Public Finances one (01) Public Finance Specialist in charge of the harmonization of the Public Debt Management framework one...
, | 07/08/2018
On July 05, 2018, the international rating agency Standard & Poor's assigned a B + rating to the Republic of Benin, associated with a stable outlook. This rating places Benin, like Senegal and Kenya, in the first rank of African countries assessed by the S&P...
, | 07/06/2018
New progress for the government of President Talon, which has just succeeded with the International Monetary Fund in obtaining a provision of 22.4 million dollars (nearly 13 billion CFA francs) for Benin. It is based on several criteria which are among others: - the good...
, | 07/02/2018
This code of good use of computer, electronic and digital resources is a charter which defines the general conditions of use of the information and communication system and in particular of Internet access, networks and multimedia services within the Ministry of Economy and Finance of...
, | 06/28/2018
Please download the attached document: Files: Synthesis_des_Questions_and_Answered_03.pdf 389 Ki
, | 06/27/2018
The Directorate General of Budget provides you with the 2019-2021 Multiannual Budgetary and Economic Programming Document.   Please download the document below: Files: DPBEP_2019-2021_.pdf 1.31 Mi
, | 06/27/2018
The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Analysis (INSAE) proceeded, during this month of June 2018, to the establishment of a new base year for the national accounts of Benin. This change in the base year of GDP responds, on the one hand, to the...
, | 06/15/2018
This Thursday, June 14, 2018, the financing agreement for the program for access to drinking water in rural areas was signed between the government of Benin represented by the Minister of Economy and Finance, Mr. Romuald. WADAGNI and the World Bank represented by the Director...
, | 06/06/2018
Please download the following document: Files:
, | 05/24/2018
Please download the attached document. Files: 1._Local_Publication_AAP_2018__RePaSOC.pdf 248 Ki 2._Lignes_directrices_AAP_2018_RePaSOC.pdf 679 Ki ANNEX_A_Subsidy_request_form_AAP2018_REPASOC.doc 0.91 Mi ANNEX_B__BUDGET.xls 74 Ki ANNEX_C__LOGICAL_FRAMEWORK.doc 45 Ki ANNEX_E__financial_identification_fiche.pdf 520 Ki ANNEX_G__Model_de_contrat_de_subvention.doc 109 Ki APPENDIX_H_Day_indemnity_rates__per_diem_.pdf 132 Ki ANNEX_II__general_conditions.pdf 476 Ki APPENDIX_IV__market_processing_rules.doc 53 Ki Annex_J_Informations_relatives_au_regime_fiscal_applicable_au_contrat_de_subvention.doc 49 Ki Annex_K_Guidelines_and_control_list_for_budget_evaluation_and_simplified_options.doc 203 Ki ANNEX_V__Model_of_payment_request.doc 42 Ki...
, | 05/24/2018
Please download the attached document: Files: Tdr_Assistant_controleur_de_gestion ___ UT-FED_revu2.docx 17.70 Ki <- back to News
, | 03/28/2018
the Directorate General of the Budget provides you with the report on the execution of the State Budget, 2017 management as of December 31, 2017 and its citizen version. Please download the document below: Files: rapex_2017.pdf 9.50 Mi citizen_version_du_rapex-2017.pdf 1.01 Mi
, | 03/26/2018
Financial Control Code of Ethics Financial Control provides you with its Financial Control Code of Ethics. Please download it below. Files: code_of_ethics_of_financial_control_02.pdf 669 Ki
, | 03/16/2018
Please download the online services user guide below:
, | 03/15/2018
As part of the implementation of the activities of the `` Reinforcement and Participation of Civil Society (RePaSOC) '' program funded under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF), the Régie is issuing this notice for the recruitment of people qualified for the following positions: Download...
, | 03/07/2018
On a working visit to France, the Head of State Patrice Talon carried out a working session at the Elysee Palace on March 5 with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. At the end of this meeting, several financing agreements were announced and thus come to...