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20210202 BENIN MAJOR EVENTS OF 2020 Newsletter Download
20201231 Finance Law for 2021 management Download
20200804 Code of ethics of the Information Systems Department of the Ministry of the Economy and Finance Download
20200402 Interministerial Order on the organization and functioning of the electronic directory of movable securities of the RCCM Download
20181228 2019 finance law Download
20181228 LAW N ° 2015-07- of 20-03-2015 on the code of information and communication in the Republic of Benin Download
20180228 General Tax Code 2018 Download
20180208 Decree on the distribution of FADec allocations, management 2018. Download
20180212 Decree on the 2018 budget calendar Download
20180420 Law n ° 2017 -20 of April 20, 2018 on the digital code in the Republic of Benin Download

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