Manual exchange approval for natural persons



Documents required

File to be submitted to the BCEAO and comprising:

  • An extract of the birth certificate or a certified photocopy of the national identity card;
  • An extract from the criminal record dated less than (3) months;
  • An extract from the Registration in the Trade and Personal Property Credit Register, with the mention “manual change” in the subject line;
  • A certified copy of the Unique Tax Identifier;
  • A bank certificate of balance of at least CFAF 500,000 for the main exchange office and, if applicable, for each annex office;
  • A duly completed application form specifying the number of offices to be opened and the places where the activity is carried out.


  • File submitted to the BCEAO
  • The deadline depends on the instruction timeframe at the BCEAO level
  • The BCEAO may request the provision of any other document or information useful for the investigation of the file.

Time limit

Three (03) months