Emphyteutic lease


The emphyteutic lease is a real estate contract lasting between 18 and 99 years which confers on the lessee a real right liable to mortgage on the immovable, subject to development, payment of rent and all other contributions. In Benin, for non-nationals, it lasts for 50 years and is non-renewable.

Competent service

Emphyteutic lease


Variable depending on the zone

Documents required

  • Acquisition request addressed to the Minister of Economy and Finance (MEF)
  • Development project in line with the master plan of the locality
  • Status and register of trade and real estate credit of the legal person
  • A topographical survey of the area Special case: emphyteutic lease in an area industrial
  • The industrial project
  • The decree of the Ministry in charge of Industry on provisional authorization installation
  • The decree assigning the area to the Industrial Zone

Time limit

15 days