Conditions for transporting foreign currency per traveler: resident case



Documents required

File to be submitted to the BCEAO and comprising:

    • Under the principle of free circulation of currency signs within the WAEMU, no declaration is required for the manual transport of banknotes issued by the BCEAO by residents for their movement in the member states of the WAEMU.
    • Travelers going to non-WAEMU member states are required to declare the currency they are carrying, when their amount exceeds the equivalent of one million (1,000,000) CFA francs.
    • They are allowed to take away per person, up to the equivalent of two million (2,000,000) CFA francs in banknotes other than those issued by the BCEAO
    • The sums in excess of this limit may be taken in the form of traveller’s checks, prepaid withdrawal and payment cards, classic withdrawal and payment cards or other means of payment.
    • Foreign currency allowances issued by authorized intermediaries in the form of traveller’s checks or prepaid withdrawal and payment cards must be duly justified by needs linked to usual and personal travel expenses, when they exceed the counterparty. value of two million (2,000,000) CFA francs per person
    • The issuance of foreign currency to resident travelers is subject to presentation to an authorized intermediary of a valid travel document and passport or national identity card.