Conditions for transporting foreign currency per traveler: non-resident case



Documents required

File to be submitted to the BCEAO and comprising:

  • Non-resident travelers are required to declare, in writing, on entering and leaving the national territory, all means of payment they are carrying, when their amount exceeds the equivalent of one million (1,000. 000) CFA francs
  • Non-resident travelers are authorized to export without justification:. Within the limit of the equivalent of five hundred thousand (500,000) –– CFA francs, foreign banknotes of which they are holders . other means of payment established abroad or in WAEMU member states and made out in their name (letters of credit, traveller’s checks, etc.)
  • Non-resident travelers may take an amount of foreign banknotes exceeding the limit of five hundred thousand (500,000) CFA francs, upon presentation at the customs office of exit. . either a declaration of entry of foreign banknotes, subscribed by the non-resident traveler to the customs office when entering the national territory . either a purchase slip for foreign banknotes, issued to the non-resident traveler during his stay in the country by an authorized intermediary, if he has acquired these notes from an authorized intermediary by debiting an account foreign in francs or euros or by transfer or use of means of payment other than foreign banknotes, drawn up in its name, denominated in foreign currency The sum of foreign banknotes likely to be taken away must not be greater than the sum of foreign banknotes declared on entry or acquired in the country. From this sum, it is necessary to deduct the amounts of the notes negotiated against CFA francs and to add the redemptions against CFA francs.