Certificate of loan declaration



Documents required

  • Request for a certificate of declaration of loan addressed to the Director of the Treasury and comprising: the name, address and professional activity of the borrower, the name and address of the lender, the date of the loan contract or any document in lieu thereof, the currency of the loan, the total amount of the loan expressed in the currency of the account, the duration of the loan and the expected repayment dates, the interest rate, the guarantee clauses given and any other information (for example, indicate whether it is the consolidation of a previous loan, specify the amount of loans not yet repaid to the same foreign lender or to other foreign lenders, etc.)
  • Contract or loan agreement signed by both (2) parties
  • Amortization table showing the repayment schedule
  • Identity document of the applicant or any other document in lieu
  • Credit advice


Require any beneficiary of an external loan

Time limit

One (01) week